Freitag, 6. Dezember 2013

Clary sage - aromatherapy not only encouraging a less painful birth

This is my very personal discovery of the year 2013 - I got this aroma for lotus birth of our baby, but I did not used it during the delivery. I was fine with lavendel and did not had any pain. 

Today, I used it as aromatherapy for our home to relieve the pressure of cold stormy weather. Everybody was amazed about the "perfume" of our house. Clary sage is calming to the nervous system, particularly in cases of depression, stress, insomnia and deep seated tension. It furthermore is a good tonic for the womb and female functions in general, such as painful periods, scanty menstruation and relaxation during labor, thus encouraging a less painful birth.
During menopause, clary sage oil can help reduce hot flushes, night sweats, palpitations, irritability, as well as headaches and dizziness.

It is good for muscle pains, digestive disorders, kidney diseases and the cooling of inflammation of the skin. (description from From

My personal hint: The scent is quite strong, it smells very good when it is placed more away from the place you are in at most. 

Dienstag, 2. Juli 2013

Books which guided me to happy orgasmic and unassisted home birth

During my pregnancy, I did read many books about pregnancy and birth. Let me introduce you The Books, which had immense impact on me in many positive directions.

1) Immaculate Deception 2: Myth, Magic & Birth from Susanne Arms
Most of the reasons for hospitalization have to do with physician convenience and have nothing to do with the patient. I always encourage people, "Get out as soon as you can. Take your baby home as soon as you can."
2) Orgasmic Birth from Elizabeth Davis and Debra Pascali-Bonaro
The brain cannot respond to sensations of pain and pleasure simulteneousely; when one is predominant, the other is shut down....
3) Primal Health from Michael Odent
4) Unassisted birth from Shanley
5) Ina May Gaskin: Spiritual Midwifery
6) Creating healthy Children from Karen Ranzi
7) Gentle start by Angela Stokes

Montag, 1. Juli 2013

Preparing for Birth with absolute positive mindset

Following pictures says more then 1000 words.  I kept moving, dancing till the last day of pregnancy. Thanks to  huge support of friends and family, I am also thankful to raw food diet for our happy ecstatic painless unassisted home birth.

100% support and happy partnership

Yoga for pregnant

Healthy snacks - mango pure with chia seeds and goji berries

Medications and treats important for home birth

Treats for placenta ready

Art is the soul of happiness

1 week before delivery

Green Juices with best friend 

Aromatherapy packed double. 1 time for homebirth/ 1 time for clinic back (if clinic transport neccesarry)

always bunch of dark greens

drinks with friends

Mittwoch, 8. Mai 2013


We decided to spent the first week completely alone - refused any help from outside, any visits. My husband was able to take 10 days parental leave - so we enjoyed our baby moon - undisturbed.

1st weeks


Dienstag, 7. Mai 2013

The childbirth hormone - the hormone of privacy

If we feel safe and secure, we produce more Oxytocine, the most important hormone in child birth. Also love   acts increase oxytocine levels in our bloodstream. Michael Odent point the extreme importance of correct oxytocine levels in child birth - it is the SHY hormone. If pregnant woman is disturbed during the delivery, if she is scared, if she fears something - the oxytocine levels goes down and labor stops. In such a cases in hospitals - the drops of oxytocine are used to balance this. But the artificial hormon disturbs the real ability of love.

Enemas in childbirth

I decided to do enema, so I would not need to eliminated my bowls during the delivery - which would be for me very embarrassing when some other people would watch it. I wanted to avoid all embarrasing moments, so I did this enema as art of self hygiene - to be complete empty, so the baby can come out without me worrying about other stuff comming our too.

Unassisted Ecstatic Birth Story of Victoria

Victorias Lotus Birth
prelude - this birth was a blessing. secret wish. a present. read here on this page how my dream birth went, click here if you would like to know why I has been so lucky. I decided to make my birth story public, to talk about the secrets of good deliveries - to break the taboo's  This world needs positive birth stories outside of hospitals, to give woman back her hope in her own capabilities. We can do it! Forget feminism where woman looks like man, let be a woman again.
17.3.2013 - 23:00 Let's speed up the contraction, let's have some sex
My contractions started at 23:00. I thought I have some back pain and asked my husband to have some massage and sex to relieve the pain. After sex, the pain did not disappeared so I decided to take a bath to have more relieve. But in the bath, the pain started to appear more and more rhythmical  I noticed that only contractions can come in such a periods. We called our midwife and asked her to come, as I had already contractions every 7 minutes. She told us to wait one hour more till it will be every 5 minutes. But the every 5 Minute Intervall was there much sooner. It was THE NOW.
17.3.2013 - 23:30 Leave me alone!
But for me, it started to speed up very fast. I new, it is sure coming so I decided to do enema  (click on link if you would like to know more about enema in child birth) - in case, I would need to deliver in hospital. I was already in ecstatic rushes - shouted only orders from the bathroom to my husband between the rushes: "Bring me FOOD PLEASE, fresh FRUITS, APPLES cut, tea" - I new that the labor could cost me lot of energy so I wanted to eat. This feature of "Eating during labor" is often forbidden in hospitals, even it could provide laboring woman with needed energy.
My daughter wanted to help me but I told everybody to stay outside of the bathroom - I definitely needed the privacy - I could not stand nobody next to me. If someone would be there during my contraction, I would not be able to shout in ecstasy like when alone. This is also inline with teachings of Michael Odent and his theory of hormones during childbirth. I grabbed on the vertical heating body as on surfboard and the contractions just came as huge waves. It was so hot in the bathroom, that I opened the window - I needed suddenly tons of fresh colder air. I discovered intuitively new inside of me - I wanted to give birth completly alone - not even my husband should disturb the flow.
18.3.2013 - 0:30 - The orgasmic channeling
But then, one contraction forced me invisible to squatting POSITION - I reached between my legs and (House bell ringing..."The midwife is coming"  my husband shout and run's the stairs down) I felt something between my legs and called my 17 years old daughter. She has been bravely waiting behind the door  and came in. "Baby is coming  please catch it" She had a look, gave a hands and voila - Victoria came through the birth channel -- with one strong push -- as my daughter told me to do so absolutely relaxed and calm, as she saw the head and wanted that it progress. I did not planned to push and was not pushing at all, but when she asked me - I better did it - as the head was coming  Victoria slides on my daughter hands, she handed her to me and I watch the baby and the baby watch me directly into my eyes. I did not hear her cry so I told her: "Breath". She did cry a bit and stopped. It has been the longest second in my life. I new she need to cry - she need to breath and be alive. To be sure I told her second time "breath please breath" and she give short cry a second time. From there, I new she is fine.

In the meantime my husband opened the door to the midwife and they entered the bathroom. My husband was very astonished that the baby was there. Is she ok? The midwife saw her only from 2 meters distance but she reassured us that all is fine. I toke my baby and went to our bedroom - to relax with her and my family. It was the most happy moment in my life. I radiated happiness of giving successful unassisted ecstatic and painless home birth.  All the time, her umbilical cord was attached to our baby. We decided to let it like that for 1 and half hours.  In total peace, I was holding my baby in my arms, together with my husband. My husband had also enough time to born with his baby skin to skin later, after the umbilical cord was cut.

We put the baby on my belly and waited till she start to crawl after the breast to breastfeed and she did it. It was the most magical moment for me. My baby breastfeeding, umbilical cord still attached and intact

The house doctor also arrived ( how great all of them has been so late) and we all waited for the placenta to be born - having a chat and ecstatic about the magic of the moment. My placenta arrived 1 and half our after delivery - I gave her birth with some  pushes. I almost did not had any blood loss. My daughter Michelle prepared some bowl for the placenta and flowers to celebrate the lotus birth. She put the placenta into the bowl and put orchid on it. Later, we planted the placenta under Victoria's tree in our garden.

1 and half our after delivery, my daughter cutted the umbilical cord. Then, my husband could also bond with his daughter skin to skin. Michelle also toke care about the placenta afterwards. The placenta arrived in good intakt shape from alone.
The midwife weighted the baby - 4.800 kg and checked on the baby (reflexes, temperature) together with the house doctor.

After the baby has been checked on, my daughter could dress her little sister. I never saw her in such a responsible and calm way as during this delivery. She did not panicked for a second, was very secure and calm in all her reactions. 

Then, the midwife and doctor went home and we have been alone in our family bed with our baby - enjoying the moment. Michelle was playing a song for Victoria on guitar. It has been all so peaceful and it felt like real family event - not disturbed, calm, sacred. I remember  even after we shouted the light down, I still watched my baby's  face laying next to me and could not wait till morning to see it again by daylight.

I felt asleep extremely proud on Victoria, Michelle, my husband and myself. All came true what I wished for: beautiful ecstatic painless unassisted home birth - with fruits, aroma therapy bath, privacy and quality time with my husband. I looked forward to our baby moon - we have been undisturbed for whole 7 days to intensify the bonding and magical time.